24: Money, Avoiding and Boundaries

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With Hannah Smolinski

Does talking about money trigger you? On today’s podcast, Hannah and I dive into communicating effectively when the topic is touchy, Boundaries around our personal time, family, work and the summer months, and what avoidance and confusion have to do with one another.

Have you ever heard of the Hierarchy of Accounting Needs?

What you’ll hear in this podcast:

  • Accounting is a real weakness of small business owners
  • Financial Statements are foundational, they are used to make decisions in what next steps can and should be taken
  • Bookkeeping is the bare minimum for any business and often where most businesses stop
  • You may need multiple types of financial help in your business as most financial professionals specialize in different areas
  • Bookkeeping is the past, Financial statements are the future, they go hand in hand
  • Money is a trigger topic for many, the main reactions people have are
    • Confusion
    • Avoidance
    • Shame
  • Confusion is a protector emotion, that takes over when your conscious cannot yet handle the underlying emotion
  • Hannah Previously worked as an auditor in the public sector where she held a ‘Professional Skepticism’ i.e. trust but verify
  • Conflict Personality-types
  • Fraud happens on a dysfunctional team; unhappy individuals believe they Deserve the money and make excuses for their fraud
  • Fraud triangle = Pressure, Opportunity, Rationalization
  • Schools are not teaching students about finances
  • We live in a disposable society
  • Many people have a scarcity mindset around money and it leads to fear


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