22: How to speak so that someone will listen during a conflict

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Do you know how to speak so that Someone will listen during a difficult conversation?

It is not easy to know the best way to get your point across during a tense or difficult conversation. Getting heard and truly hearing each other is hard to do when your mind and body is preoccupied with all the emotions that are vying for your brain’s attention. They can run the gambit, from fear to shame, from anger to confusion. They don’t call it a ‘difficult’ conversation for nothing.

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Like most things in life, however, these types of conversations are unavoidable and downright necessary in most instances. In today’s episode, I share 5 tips you can use for any conversation that has the potential to be difficult.

Whether we are aware of it or not, every conversation has the ability to escalate, there are so many factors that play into being a whole person. Our subconscious is doing calculations behind the scenes over 90% of the time and many of the assumptions our subconscious is operating from are wrong. Unaddressed assumptions are a conflict waiting to happen.

What tip will you use in that difficult conversation you have been putting off?

What you’ll hear in this podcast:

  • There are 4 things involved in a conflict; an assumption, a judgment, an expectation and an emotion
  • How your innate personality play’s into communication
  • How your mood plays into communication
  • How the history of previous interactions with the other person impacts your communication
  • What the topic of conversation has to do with how you approach the conversation
  • How the environment impacts the conversation
  • The power of influence our subconscious has on our interactions

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