21: Scaling, Communicating and Change

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With Julie Fry

Julie Fry and I talk about how she has grown her business while pivoting her business model and communicating with team members all over the world.

A chance encounter at a dog park and a love of change took Julie Fry on a path from the Chuck-It dog toy company to creating the international networking group Business among Moms. It’s not a straight line, there was a lot of trial and changes along the way.

Change, growth, and scaling can be a scary thing, setting up and checking in on the way that you communicate with your team, and your clients is essential. There will be stumbles along the way, but don’t let fear hold you back. When we are open, invite feedback, and acknowledge missteps or weaknesses, we can move past our upper limit fears and grow our resilience.

What you’ll hear in this podcast:

  • Build processes along the way
  • Be willing to Shift
  • Learn through trial and error
  • Automate as much as you can
  • Use time-savers such as a swipe file with often used verbiage and links
  • Pre-frame for potential team members so they can know what to expect
  • Get feedback from clients and your community
  • Meet regularly and have a question and answer period
  • Fear can be an upper limit problem, if you do not push through it you will remain stagnant
  • Fear can focus your mind and motivate you and will lead to building resilience
  • Know how your team members like to communicate, phone, email, slack, text, etc
  • Record processes so that team members can ‘learn on demand’


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Show Intro music is Whispering Through by Asura


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