20: The Victim – Mastering the Art of Conflict

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Do you know your conflict personality-type? On today’s episode, we take a look at the victim conflict personality type and how it impacts communication in your business and in your life. Whether you have this conflict personality type or are dealing with one. I give you actionable steps that you can take to help you navigate conflict with this type to save you time, money and energy. Life is stressful enough, and conflict is inevitable, take these skills and tips with you so you can identify, navigate or even avoid a conflict altogether.

What you’ll hear in this podcast:

There are four conflict personality types, the Pleaser, the Perfectionist, the Avoider and the Victim
Conflict involves an assumption, a judgment, an expectation a reaction and an emotion It takes practice and reflection to master the art of dealing with a conflict personality type especially if it is your own
Use selective amnesia with a Victim conflict-personality type to move communication forward Identify what you can control and what you cannot
Use curiosity with a Victim conflict-personality type in a non-judgmental way
Do not deny anyone from suffering natural consequences
Silence is needed in communicating during a conflict to give time to process and plan
Curiosity can help work through an avoider’s stance


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