19: Bossing Bullies & Change with Shelli Warren

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On this week’s episode, Shelli and I Dive into some meaty subjects, leading your team and guiding your clients during times of great change. How to lead with Integrity while correcting or addressing poor behavior and we even touch on why business bullies behave the way they do and how they like to operate. Want to know what to do about it? Good, because we talk about that too!

Change, fear, the unknown, disagreements & conflict are inevitable in the modern day workplace, join us as we discuss causes and solutions that will guide you to being an amazing leader.

What you’ll hear in this podcast:

  • Building rapport with your team is essential
  • Use positive reinforcement with your staff
  • When the Media reports information address it promptly with your staff and reassure them
  • Gossip is often created when due to a need to ‘predict’ what these changes mean for them
  • Fear infects the whole team
  • Change is hard for most people
  • Lazy behavior is infectious
  • Part of a leader’s role is to do the uncomfortable stuff
  • Complacency can set in and that is where deep mistakes and sometimes safety issues happen
  • Business Bullies
    • Believe they have leverage
    • Try to squeeze out the ‘Other’
    • Work in the background
  • The root cause of a Bully is ‘tacit’ approval
  • When sharing information make sure to share it with the whole team (if appropriate)
  • Team meetings are critical
  • Issues with time and boundaries are a struggle for most of us


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“We all need to inspect what we expect”


Show Intro music is Whispering Through by Asura

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Show Intro music is Whispering Through by Asura


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