185 How to Tame your Clients

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“Uncertainty creates fear, fear create anger”

— Lara Currie

Out of control Karen’s are the poster people for the rise in bad behavior.

Uncertainty causes fear, and fear causes anger. All too often that anger is vented in the wrong venue. Customers rage at service workers, policies trigger push back, and those who want things to ‘go back to normal’ (whatever that is) are walking around in a heightened emotional state that your staff has to deal with.

In today’s episode, what ONE THING you can do to tame those unruly clients and diffuse the anger that your clients are expressing

  • Why people are more disrespectful
  • Is incivility on the rise?
  • How do you show empathy when they are a jerk
  • What key phrases will work to calm a tense situation

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