181 Walk the Walk; Implementing

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“Actions prove who someone is, words show you who they want to be”

Lara Currie

It seems like our best self makes all the lists and plans but she doesn’t always show up to check them off the list and implement.

Today, the world is full of information, a plethora of knowledge is just a Bing search away, psych, we all use Google. Yet with all this information, knowledge and skill-sharing at our fingertips, we can know a thing, understand a thing, but when it comes to putting that knowledge to use, it’s not as simple

Walking the walk and putting all that information, that knowledge into practice takes way more time than we think it will, isn’t as easy as understanding the concepts, and frankly is nowhere near as fun as learning is (in my humble opinion). 

What do you need to make sure that you, and your team, walk the walk, and get implementing? Tune in and find out.

What you’ll hear on today’s episode:

  • What sinks a team
  • Learning vs knowing
  • What three things you need before you implement
  • The $325 billion dollar business getting in your way?
  • Why implementing is so hard
  • What is stopping you and how to get started

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