180 Using Stories to Relate to Clients with Carol Cox

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What are we but our stories

James Patterson

This is a juicy episode filled with the way’s that you can use stories in your everyday work life, from the boardroom to the stage. Carol and I talk about everything from our personal struggles and successes to the DNA of the feminine, from speaker hijackers to why Emma should stop watching Law and Order SVU.

Carol tells us how she uses the three-act story structure and the Hero’s journey when working with clients. There are lots of free giveaways on dealing with conflict and a strategic speaking guide. 

What you’ll hear in this podcast:

  • Stories help us see ourselves in others experiences
  • Stories help us ‘rewrite history’ so that we can see a better way
  • We don’t know how our personal story can impact others and the work that we do
  • Throughout history it was dangerous for Women to speak their truth
  • How recognizing patterns can help your storytelling
  • Do an after-action review post speaking engagement, guest podcast episode, board meeting etc.
  • Practice and repeat you message as often as possible to become more comfortable
  • Visualize your environment
  • Use skills practice and reflection to become a better speaker


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