162 Refresh with Dysfunctional Affirmations

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“Whatever you need to do to refresh and repair, that is what you need to do. Don’t listen to all the air out there. Change comes from the inside-out not the outside-in”

Lara Currie

Have you ever been scrolling through Facebook or Instagram and see those little affirmation posts? What’s your first reaction? Have you tried them and found that they don’t really work for you?      

You’re not alone.

Affirmations for self-care, love affirmations, black women empowerment affirmations, are some of the most popular “affirmation for” searches on Google. 

Why don’t you see affirmations for dysfunctional people? Dysfunctional affirmations are for those whose first reaction to seeing motivational quotes is to roll your eyes (figuratively or literally) more often than not, it’s because you were raised in dysfunction. 

This is where pillar four of the Empowerment Pillar Model comes in; Refresh. 

Refresh your body, mind, and sense of self. Anyone who has experienced some ‘ish, dealt with a manipulator, or breathed air, needs time to repair because your body keeps the score of every emotion you feel. 

What you’ll hear on today’s episode:

  • What are affirmations
  • What refresh means
  • Self-care
  • Toxic positivity
  • What refreshing involves
  • Three dysfunctional affirmations

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