154 10 Toxic Red Flags

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Why would anyone work in a toxic environment? 

“Be like a flower, Survive the rain but use it to grow”


A toxic workplace doesn’t crop up out of nowhere, it is created, moment by moment and action by action . Everyday there are news stories about bosses and bad behavior and environments that became unbearable.

Have you ever wondered how these environments became so toxic and why people stay? 

As it turns out, it is a slippery slope.

Some fields and environments can become stressful over time and others are inherently stressful fields. 

When you or your client base is in a heightened emotional state, certain patterns and habits can emerge, showing signs of current or future toxic traits. 

In today’s episode 10 toxic red flags to watch out for. 

What you’ll hear:

  • What manipulation looks like
  • How toxicity grows
  • What personal development has to do with it
  • What is self-esteem
  • How to grow self-esteem
  • Micro-boundary breaches
  • The impact of boundaries
  • What every toxic workplace has in common
  • Behaviors and Habits that can turn into toxic behaviors
  • Relationships and Communication structures that can be warning signs of toxic environments
  • Examples of toxic workplaces (Ellen DeGeneres) 
  • Why and How people excuse toxic behavior and environments
  • Toxic environments you can find in Start-ups
  • How many red flags before an environment turns toxic
  • Information about next week’s guest

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