15: Embracing Challenges to Succeed

We dive deep into the skills needed for success at a high level. Struggles in life are inevitable and we talk about our own personal struggles and how a mindset shift can lead to overcoming personal tragedies. Tina shares her ‘one-time’ high-efficiency business model where you delegate weaknesses and focus on your strengths, how she gets motivated and recharged during her busy day to maximize her time. When you take the hard road and embrace your failures as well as your successes it leads to reflection and minor adjustments that have dramatic changes in the outcome.

What you’ll hear in this podcast:

One-timing is a high-efficiency business model where you delegate your weaknesses and focus on strengths Structure how you start & end your day Start your day motivated (not inspired) All the successes and challenges that you are going to face in a day are going to happen, we will experience both good & bad when you are fired up and motivated they are easier to face. Save reflection for the evening when you are shutting down your day Take some time mid-day to do a refresh and turn your mind to keep up your motivation We all have stresses associated with financing, success, family, and health When one-timing your business use reflection and information you’ve gathered from, questions received, requests from clients, objections from staff and mistakes to find the opportunities to find solutions Rejoice in the small successes Be willing to take the hard road and embrace challenges to change and grow Trigger and triggered-reactions can be both positive and negative What happens in your personal life impacts your business and what happens in your business impacts your personal life No tragedy or loss can be judged ‘worse’ than another Reflection and coming together to uncover lessons allows you to share them with others Communication breakdowns often occur in the way you impart a message If you are in a leadership role, you need to know how to pass the baton to get to the next call to action. How you set up the next action determines the success of that process. Everything constantly changes, embrace it People will test your boundaries When clients aren’t right for you,
let them go, and set clear firm boundaries Lead from advice, not from an ask.


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