148 Thank You, Next…

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“Regret is the first step toward change”

— Lara

In Ariana grande’s song Thank You; Next, she runs down some relationships she has had and what she has learned from them, how she has found wisdom and gratitude even in those that did not work out as planned. 

Lessons don’t always come in life-changing monolithic events, like a pandemic, or a job change, which are those moments where there was a marked before and after (the event), there is before the pandemic and (hopefully soon), and after. 

Most life-changing lessons come in small imperceptible shifts that are only visible in hindsight, that gain clarity through reflection. 2020 has had a lot of that dreaded phrase, unprecedented events, join me in the lessons and gratitudes I have uncovered for 2020. Thank you; next…

What you’ll hear on today’s episode:

  • Year in review
  • We’ve been through some things
  • When you normalize abnormal behavior
  • Embracing change
  • Intentional reflection
  • Some Gramma tiny’isms
  • How reflection leads to growth
  • The forest through the trees
  • Everything in moderation (including moderation)

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