14: Calming Client Fears

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Change, whether it is a change that you chose or one that was thrust upon you, can be a scary thing. When you have lived in the same home for over 30 years and need to downsize, for whatever reason, there are many decisions and choices to be made and a lot of things to be done. When you add in the complicating factor of having one of the hottest housing markets, all the factors are joined by fear and overwhelm. June Griffiths, the downsizing expert, joins me on the show today to discuss navigating the inevitable client fears she comes across and how and when common conflicts arise. With thirty years of experience, June has seen the full cycle of fear play out over and over again, and she shares her skills and tips for navigating these difficult transactions.

What you’ll hear in this podcast:

  • The fear of the unknown “where will I go” is the primary emotion when someone is selling their home
  • Many downsizers are moving because of health or financial reasons
  • Having a clear plan before listing the house is essential
    • Get a title report
    • Get a pre-inspection
    • Clean out and stage the home
    • Do minor repairs
  • Ideally, a seller will purchase a home before they list theirs
  • A good team of vendors is needed in order for a Realtor to list a home
    • Such as a Title Company
    • Mortgage Lender
    • Inspector
    • Home Stager
    • Repair Team
    • Painters
    • Carpet Cleaners
    • House Cleaners
  • Relationships built on integrity and clear communication have grown her network and have led to a great reputation and vendors willing to go the extra mile for her
  • Less reliable subs are quickly identified
  • When conflict shows up with clients it will come from a place of fear, lack of knowledge, and family involvement, or as bully clients
  • Stress is part of the process but when you have faith in your skills and knowledge, and a solid self-care routine, you can manage the inherent stress.
  • The difference between a real estate agent and a Realtor
  • What the National Association of Realtors does to protect property rights
  • What the Hirst decision is and how it impacted Washington State residents
  • How the Washington Association of Realtors played a critical part of the Hurst decision
  • Realtors have continuing education credits that are mandatory (CLE’s)
  • You need solid relationships with other realtors
  • June has had personal experience with downsizing for a medical reason, her mother had dementia and she and her siblings helped her father find a suitable home for their mom and prepare their house for sale.
  • Difficult clients are inevitable


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