139 When Positivity is Toxic

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“Everything in moderation including moderation” 

— Gramma Tiny

Think positively, everything happens for a reason, the Universe will take care of it, it will all just magically disappear, it will go away. 

Have you noticed this type of messaging out there? These vapid empty platitudes, in essence, say absolutely nothing.

Toxic positivity is cropping up all over the nation right now, I’m sure you’ve seen it on your news feed or on your social sites. I have witnessed it in my friend groups and from our leaders. 

How can positivity be toxic? The research on positive psychology shows us that it can be very beneficial to our mind, health, and development. Positive psychology focuses on things like resilience, strengths building, looking at functional and dysfunctional systems. In the right hands, used the right way it can be a healthy lens to interpret & improve thought patterns or thought habits & re-evaluate dysfunctional systems. It can lead to effective tools that you can use in your own personal toolbox and in your personal growth journey. 

Toxic positivity is the push for a mental state in which we only experience and show positive emotions. It is a tendency to react to others suffering and struggles with reductive statements of positivity. It is telling people that they are their own source of their suffering, or that they brought it on themselves, it is filled with pseudo motivational messaging in a sing-songy cadence of cultish hypnotic dismissal. The use of positive psychology In the wrong hands is dismissive, belittling, and manipulative.

This is how manipulators get in the door, toxic people are masters at using the love and light positivity language to manipulate you. 

What you’ll hear on today’s episode:

  • What is toxic positivity
  • What is positive psychology
  • What is the difference
  • When motivation goes wrong
  • How manipulators use positivity
  • Too much of a good thing
  • Platitudes and attitudes
  • Ignorance & gaslighting

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