137 Building resilience and thriving in tough times; calling a code lavender

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Fear is a reaction, Courage is a decision” — Churchill

There are markers along the timeline of our lives. Moments that mark a change, a significant event, or a vivid memory. Like anchors that signify that after this moment, we became different than we were in the moments before.

Holding your child for the first time, when a loved one dies, quitting a job you needed but could no longer tolerate. 

When sh*t gets real every animal instinct that we have focuses like the Eye of Sauron on the moment and our brains take note of every emotion, every sense, all the data it can find for its databanks. This is how resilience is born – through experiencing some ‘ish.

How do you thrive while being flooded with endorphins and instinctually being thrown into a choice to fight, flee, freeze, or appease?

A Code Lavender can help. 

This code is an intervention that is used when challenging situations threaten unit stability, personal emotional equilibrium, or professional functioning. Code Lavender uses evidence-based relaxation and restoration interventions to help people make enough sense out of the situation to let more lasting solutions emerge later. This doesn’t prevent burnout or stress instead it is akin to psychological first aid.

What you’ll hear on today’s episode:

  • What happens when what your experiencing is too much
  • How we react to trauma
  • What is resilience
  • How do you thrive in tough times
  • How can a code lavender help
  • What is a code lavender
  • How it can apply to your home life
  • When the turmoil is internal
  • Building strong teams

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