129 How to be a Better Person when you are surrounded by Jerks

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“Calm is the true seat of power” — Lara

Is seems almost cliche to say that we are living in unprecedented times. Or maybe it seems trite. Either way, one thing is certain, bad behavior is on the rise, and so is defensiveness leading to a lot of people acting like Jerks.

With emotions at an all-time high how do you be or become a better person when you are surrounded by jerks??

In today’s episode, how to be a better person, not be so negatively impacted by jerky behavior, and techniques to move past defensiveness and ‘just reacting’ to true discourse.

What you’ll hear on today’s episode:

  • What is meant by a heightened emotional state
  • Low-grade depressions impact on how a person acts and reacts
  • Jerks are often defensive out of habit, a desire to control, or out of fear
  • Anger as a mask emotion
  • Looking back to move forward
  • How you are impacted
  • Your sense of self
  • Self-esteem and empowerment

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