128 The Way to show up Online with Deborrah Ashley

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“Say it Forget it, Write it Regret it” — Unknown

How we show up online, now, is more important than in pre-COVID times. In-person meetings and large gatherings are a memory and it’s going to be a minute before they come back.

So many online platforms have devolved and actual discourse is difficult if not impossible, so how do you show up and contribute to the conversation and how do you respond to “Trolls” & “Feed-hijackers”?

Today I have Deborrah Ashley with me to talk about showing up and engaging the right way online. Deborrah is a marketing strategist, consultant, and LinkedIn trainer with a  background in brand management, marketing & Business Development

What you’ll hear on today’s episode:

  • What platform is best for your brand & your business
  • What your profile says about you
  • Everything you say, even on someone else’s post, is findable
  • To engage or not engage a Troll
  • Your voice is needed
  • What is normal anyway

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