127 What strong women deal with – the attempted ‘boxing’ of Kamala Harris

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will Pi$$ you off” — Gloria Steinem

Dog whistles, tropes, Microaggressions. Women in male-dominated fields deal with these attempts to silence, or sideline, them every week.

Last week it came to light that some in presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign along with wealthy donors think that Kamal Harris is “Too Ambitious” to be a VP pick.

Strong women, women in male-dominated fields, and those who go against  ‘societal norms’ hear this trope as a way to minimize, box, and dismiss their authority.

In today’s episode, we dive into these microaggressions, how they show up, and what YOU can do to take your power back while showing these phrases for what they are, fearful attempts to minimize.

What you’ll hear on today’s episode:

  • The three types of Microaggressions
  • Dogwhistles & tropes used to belittle marginalized groups
  • How systemic misogyny gets in your way
  • Why we are stronger together
  • Standing up to microinsults
  • Why things often get worse, after they get better
  • Why women in male-dominated fields hear these the most
  • What you can say to combat  these microaggressions

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Some Biden allies wage a shadow campaign to stop Kamala Harris from 

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In accusations of being too ambitious, some Black women see a double standard

Calling Kamala Harris ‘too ambitious is a lesson for young Black girls 

If Kamala Harris is ‘Too Ambitious,’ then so is every woman with ambition

Is Kamala Harris too ambitious to be Vice President

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