120 Taking my own advice

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“I felt so much that I started to feel nothing” Lara

When we learn, we grow. In my lifetime, there have been many…. let’s say ‘opportunities for growth.’ Today is another one of those opportunities.

Our bodies keep the score of every emotion, every feeling that we have. Stress can physically make you sick, trust me, as someone of white-Irish heritage any stress I feel, whether conscious or not, set’s off my skin. Rosacea, psoriasis, hives. I’ve got ‘em all.

You know what happens when you ignore the warning signs and when the stress becomes too much? Your body switches tactics and get’s louder. Not in the way you might think, louder in the sense that it starts to shut you down.

Feel a lack of energy?
A little scatter-brained?
Is your mind wandering off?
Does a commercial make you cry?
Are you jumpy?

Today, I am taking my own advice and walking through the hard stuff.
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