12: Civility in the workplace

Civility in the workplace doesn’t happen by accident. Incivility costs Corporations $300 billion dollars annually. This staggering fact cannot be ignored by bosses at any level. Having a clear mission, vision and value statement that is adopted and understood by every member of the organization is critical. What does incivility look like? You might be surprised!

In this week’s episode, we talk about business bullies, creating strong teams and an inclusive environment that leads to higher sales and a better reputation.

What you’ll hear in this podcast:

The cost of uncivil behavior in corporate America is costing $300 Billion dollars annually Incivility can include
Entitled behavior
Stealing time or supplies
Mocking Ridicule Discarding others values
Incivility is often subtle
Leads to ‘bullying’ behavior
Uncivil behavior can come from any level in the workplace, from the top of the company to the newest employee
Uncivil behavior can be directed at clients and vendors
Civil behavior includes Understanding
Strive to be successful both personally and for the company
Take all considerations and input into account
Corporations have started doing their due diligence and studying workplace civility
Millennials are often painted with one brush and labeled as ‘spoiled’ or ‘entitled’
Understanding and relating to where people are coming from is a great starting point for learning civility
The Golden Rule ‘treat others the way you want to be treated’ may be outdated
The Platinum Rule ‘treat others the way THEY want to be treated’ is more relevant
The definition of diversity is growing to include not just the typical boxes of generic labels but personality type, modes of operating, experiences
Mentorship is a critical part of growth and important across generational lines
The Millennials bring an optimistic ‘can do’ attitude to the workplace The experience of 9-11 and the Real Estate Bubble crash affected the current workforce as children and impacted the way they now act & react
Positivity is infectious
You can come from a place of scarcity or abundance
As a business community we do ourselves a disservice by not including the new workforce
When treated respectfully, mentored and allowed to work in a climate that is inclusive and understanding, they are very loyal Millennials want to be lead and have access to the leaders and to know that what they do matters
Millennials learn differently, they might not benefit from sitting in a 3 hour training, they may prefer to have a video, audio or hands-on training When you have trainings that incorporate auditory, visual & kinesthetic information each mode of learning is covered
All emotions are a gift Companies need to make civility a priority and it starts at the top with a value statement


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