11: Isolation or Inclusion?

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There is a palatable sense of isolation among the Millennials and GenZ’ers that pushes them to seek Inclusive, familial work environments. They play hard and work hard. In this episode, we look at some of the stark realities that these generations face, some of the history of why they feel this way and the fact that the universal shared experiences of previous generations are a thing of the past. Where there used to be a shared “popular culture” across the nation we have much more fracturing and tribalism now. Media, entertainment, and opportunities are broken up by geography, access, age, and class, with fewer opportunities to “consume” the same content.

What you’ll hear in this podcast:

  • Although the job or position may be the same, the work environment can be radically different, you can be going into a ‘start-up’ type of office with a stocked kitchen and game room and open floor plan or you may be in a corporate environment with cubicles and offices
  • You must consistently be an advocate for yourself, fighting for raises and promotions
  • The fractured nature of the collective culture has led to a rise in people who identify as having anxiety
  • These generations have grown up during a large shift in U.S. society and culture, and have become more detached from major institutions such as political parties, religion, the military and marriage
  • Many are unmarried and give the reason that they would like to someday but financial factors play a huge part in their decision
  • More Millennials live in metropolitan areas than other generations when they were the same age
  • This is the largest living generation by population but they trail the number of households that they head
  • Many still live at home or in another shared living situation
  • About half of the cohabitating households are headed by a millennial
  • For the first time, this generation surpassed all others in the number of households who were headed by single mothers
  • Many find their tribe among those they work with or live near


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