109 The Conversation We Need to Have Right Now with Molly McPherson

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This was the conversation we should all be having.

There is a “new leadership” model that is emerging right now. One that is more humanistic, open and vulnerable. These uncertain times, the change we are experiencing, and the resulting anxiety, fear, and grief that is pervasive have sparked a new ‘communication mode’. 

That is a good thing. 

Molly McPherson of Confident Communications and I dive into how much communication, messaging, and the work that we do has changed in the past few weeks. What has changed and what that means for us, and so much more.

As a world we have a lot to grieve over right now, kids who are missing their last year of primary school, grieving the loss of how things were – being  able to see and check up on family & friends, or the loss of a loved one. Along with that

being selfish (say as in hoarding supplies) became universally abhorrent overnight.

What you’ll hear on today’s episode:

  • Accountability is the new black
  • Honest and open vulnerability inspires trust 
  • How fear shows up in the time of Covid
  • What does Leadership look like in a pandemic
  • Why  leaders are looking inward, to their staff
  • April Fools day was No Joke
  • How your senses are triggered
  • Covid Crisis response kit
  • Humanistic leadership
  • How to be of service in a pandemic
  • Why we are grieving
  • Isolation and it’s impact
  • Visiting during social isolating

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