108 Pandemic 101; Assume That & Do This

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It is a super strange time that we are in right now. Things are changing by the hour. One thing is certain, during a Pandemic, there will be some uncertainty.

In today’s episode, I dive into how people react, why they react a certain way and what you can do to connect, communicate and understand one another without risk of starting a conflict.


Stress, anxiety, and fear look different in different people. From a Laissez-faire attitude to shut down, from overly-informed to the conspiracy theorist, reactions that seem opposite to one another all have their root in uncertainty.

What you’ll hear on today’s episode:

  • Why someone has a laissez-faire attitude
  • What anxiety looks like 
  • How fear shows up in our day to day interactions
  • How your senses are triggered
  • Ways to cope with uncertainty
  • How to inspire confidence
  • Tuning into your  body
  • Your senses and how they can help you
  • Long breaths and calm
  • Your body is the key
  • Do what works for you

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