Jerks at the Gym (Lara’s in a bad mood)106

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Have you ever noticed that when you are in a bad mood, jerks and rude behavior really get’s under your skin?

Covid 19, a busy work schedule, travel restrictions, and perimenopause have Lara in a Bad Mood. So off to the Gym I go. Moving your body is a great way to blow off some steam, usually…

Today at the Gym, my bad mood was exacerbated by Jerks. A jerk who was wearing combat boots and his full workout gear in the steam room, (the rest of us were in swimsuits). A jerk watching  YouTube on her phone loudly… without headphones. I am right next to you trying to read and enjoy my phoned-in workout. 

And what in the world is with the Gum?

Perfume, leaving weights and towels on the floor, grunting and dropping weights, it’s enough to make Jack Lelaine kick sand in their face (google it – totally worth it).

So how do get out of this funk and shake off the rude behavior at the gym? The same way you can when those cringe-worthy behaviors creep into your world.

Tune in and check it out.


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