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Dysfunctional communication, incivility, and bad behavior impact us all. Taking your power back and building strong boundaries is easier than you think.

This is why I podcast. To raise awareness of dysfunctional communication styles and how to combat them. To raise awareness of boundary breaches that take your power away from you. To raise awareness of the physical impact that conflict, incivility, and negativity has on you.

By some accounts, 89% of Americans were raised in dysfunction which leads to dysfunctional communication styles that end up impacting you every day.

This is WHY the Difficult Happens podcast is here, to help you navigate these everyday interactions.

What you’ll hear on today’s episode:

  • What is dysfunction
  • How dysfunction plays into the way we communicate
  • Incivility is on the rise
  • What to  do about bad behavior
  • Everything is a spectrum
  • Bad behavior and negativity

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