100 This Far No Farther

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“Not Making a choice is a choice.”

Change happens in a moment, a moment when the status quo, the way things have always been, becomes intolerable. 

Saying yes when you really mean no. When you openly give and they take more. These are the tiny boundary over-reaches that create a crack, a crack that manipulative or selfish people will use to exploit you.

When a relationship or a pattern of behavior becomes too painful to tolerate, when it hurts to stay where you are, these are the moments that push us to make a drastic change. 

This tipping point propels you into action, it emboldens you to make the changes that are right for you. Your Fear takes a back seat and you make the jump and embrace what comes next.

In this episode, we explore that tipping point, this far – no farther.

What you’ll hear in this podcast:

  • Where Real Change Happens
  • How a boundary overstep impacts you
  • Why we need a tipping point
  • This far no further
  • The shifting of a mindset
  • Trigger Season
  • A time for re-birth
  • Don’t fall for the shoulda – coulda – woulda spiral
  • Your subconscious and its power
  • Building  resilience
  • How experiences feel personal and professional growth
  • Those who embrace change and those who avoid it

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