01: Why “Difficult Happens”?

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Have you been in a tense situation brimming with conflict—all because of a misunderstanding or a failure to communicate effectively? Of course! We have all been there, and if you’re a boss, then you know how vital communication is, that people are defensive, and we often are good at talking and not so good at listening.

Why a podcast? I’ve spent my 25-year career in high stress, high conflict positions and I’ve seen what happens when people don’t communicate effectively with each other. Our communication is FULL of stress and anxiety, and there is much room for growth and improvement! Through the podcast, we will take a close look at the who, what, where, when, and how of communication, and we’ll answer the question, “Why does difficult happen?”

What you’ll find in this podcast:

  • The tools and skills you need to say what you really mean and hear what’s being said
  • Learn to identify and avoid those cringe-worthy, soul-sucking clients that waste your time, money, and energy
  • How to build a strong united team that will work to achieve your business mission
  • How to gain valuable insights, information, skills, and tips to help you communicate
  • What is involved in communication and what does it mean?
  • The Four Reactionary Stances that show up in communication
  • Why a defensive stance means that you aren’t listening, but are interpreting everything as an attack
  • How the smallest word can change a situation’s entire dynamic
  • Why understanding, interpreting, and navigating communication skills and non-verbal communication is so important
  • What plays into how you interpret meaning: birth order, personality, and your region of the country
  • We’ll explore triggers, trigger reactions, boundaries, and emotions
  • Why you need a sense of humor in your communication
  • As we take this journey together, explore communication with me! Learn a little, laugh a lot; learn to be honest, kind, firm, and fair.

Show Intro music is Whispering Through by Asura


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